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"I have a lot of power..."

Believe it or not, in a twisted way, I find myself strangely drawn to this guy. Not for his current persona, but for his con artistry and his penchant for cheap theatrics.

I've known him long before he assumed his grand role of the World’s Hero. I still recall witnessing, two decades ago, his audacious stunt of playing the piano with his dick on an ordinary stage, watched by ordinary people. At that moment, I couldn't help but think that one must possess a unique fabric of character to pull off such a feat.

My instincts were spot on; the guy was indeed special. Twenty years later, our piano virtuoso had transformed into a relentless provocateur, barking incessantly for two years at the world's most powerful leaders, demanding daily assistance, more funds, and unwavering allegiance to his cause.

A seemingly unassuming civilian with no military background whatsoever, he graced the world's screens daily, adorned in some semblance of military attire, often appearing under the influence. It was a performance in and of itself.

As for how his movie will conclude, or how future historians will interpret his story—whether as a dark comedy, a mockumentary, or a tragedy akin to the ancient Greek tales—only time will reveal the answer.

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